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Kirsten Lee Murray
Owner/Musical Director

Kirsten is our amazing leader. A true inspiration and someone who means the world to everyone lucky enough to be in her life.

A talented musician, a gifted vocalist and the driving force behind the entire business.

​Lover of family, friends, music, dogs, bunnies and prosecco.​

​Fun Fact: Kirsten once got stuck in a children's swing with a childhood friend and had to be freed by the fire brigade..

Quote: ".....".

Kirsten in 3 words: Effervescent, Caring, Inspirational

Eileen Rae
Mezzo/Choir Secretary

Eileen is the heartbeat of our little musical family. The organisers organiser, nothing functions properly without her.

​A founding member of The Grace Notes and the mother-in-law of our very own Kirsten, she is a bundle of fun and joy and would go out of her way to help anyone. A superstar.

​Fun Fact: Eileen once got stuck in a lift with Boy George


Quote: "What are you looking for...the hummus?"

Eileen in 3 words: Kind, Supportive, Creative

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Katrina Docherty
Soprano / Teacher - Little Graces

Katrina has been with us since the very beginning and quickly became an essential part of the business.   


A brilliant singer and exceptional at supporting her section in learning and understanding their parts.

Katrina also manages several important aspects of our performances as well as helping manage The Little Graces and the other kids groups / events. The life and soul.

​Fun Fact: Katrina once

Quote: ".Shake yer Shammy, Shake what yer mammy gave ye"

Katrina in 3 words: Warm, Thoughtful, Dedicated

Helen Smith

Another founding member, Helen quickly proved herself an excellent support to her fellow altos at every turn. 

There at every rehearsal, every show, every team meeting and with a superhuman level of commitment to the choir and her fellow Grace Notes,

A constant voice of reason, Helen is always available with a smile and a sixth sense for when someone needs a hug.

​Fun Fact: Helen is truly part of the family being not only a dear friend of Kirsten and the team but also the mother of Kirsten's husband / Eileens son's bromantic best friend.

Quote: "I don't like whisky, but oh my god see that Dalmore..."

Helen in 3 words: Dependable, Perceptive, Attentive

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