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Established in January 2022 this choir has come on leaps and bounds.  In just over a year, the choir has over 40 members and shows no signs of slowing down.   We rehearse on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm in Bishopton Community Centre.  Come along for a free taster session and see what you are missing.


A new hobby

We are lucky to have this mixed group of singers including our first male Grace Notes.   The first night of Bishopton Choir was just as we were coming out of the second lockdown and we were still wearing face masks, which made the signing a little muffled.   However, it was joyful to be back singing and seeing friends again.


The vision for The Grace Notes Renfrewshire is to keep growing at the rate we've done so far.   We have been teaching Renfrewshire members the same songs as Lanarkshire have learned meaning we now have the potential to bring both choirs together.  The vision is to have a joint concert featuring all 110 members and it will happen.

Nick (2).JPG


I love the choir although it was nervewracking walking in that first night.   The choir to me means Energy, Friendship and Fun. 

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I've been a member of The Grace Notes Renfrewshire for the last 6 months.  It's such a challenge learning all the lyrics but when you finally hear how it sounds when we all come together, it's just fantastic.

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I'm a founder member of The Grace Notes Renfrewshire having joined the first night and I wouldn't know what to do with myself now on a Thursday Night.  It's the best tonic when you've had a hard day.  

VIDEO MEMBER - Nick & Mhairi
VIDEO MEMBER - Tam & Judith
VIDEO COMP - TGN Renfrewshire
Meet The Grace Notes Renfrewshire
Bishopton Day 2022
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