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Our Story

Music Is Medicine For The Soul!

Grace Music Academy was launched back in 2015 under the name "Kirsten Lee School of Music" by our wonderful Owner and Musical Director, Kirsten Lee Murray.

Kirsten first found her passion for music as a young singer performing in school shows and local choir groups. At age 15, when recovering from a serious operation, her mum and dad (Our Davie & Mazza) bought her her first real piano and she started to take it seriously.

Quickly becoming an expert pianist to go with her love for singing & performing, and hungry to learn more, she developed a keen desire to help others learn about music too.

Originally taking on a few pupils to earn some extra pocket money, Kirsten now has taught musicians of all levels for over 15 years.

Whilst teaching her pupils, Kirsten was approached to start performing for audiences by multiple musicians and agencies which she immediately fell in love with.


Having since sung at everything from weddings & parties to hotels & casinos as well as some of the biggest charity events in the country.

And whilst singing live will always be something of a passion for Kirsten, her first love will always be helping people find their passion for music.

With this in mind, she officially launched the school full time in 2015 and introduced her first choir group, The Grace Notes which was quickly followed by The Little Graces Junior Choir.

Never one to stand still, the choirs now perform at events regularly and the business is ever evolving, leading to Kirsten growing the team and the extremely exciting 2023 relaunch as Grace Music Academy.

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