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Grace is a smaller ensemble group made up of founder members of The Grace Notes Lanarkshire.   Grace will bring a touch of class to any event and the songs and hymns that we sing are chosen by you.   Grace have been singing together for about 5 years and it shows.  Extra rehearsals on top of weekly classes mean this group ensures you with a performance to remember.

Our Story

We have performed at weddings, birthdays, parties etc.   There's always a warm response to Grace.   But don't take our word for it.  Check out some of the videos below.      A key achievement for Grace was during the first lockdown in 2020 when we couldn't meet and couldn't rehearse.  Everyone separately worked on the Yazoo hit, Only You and then came together on screen to produce the Video you see below.  It was heartwarming and collaborative even although we were separted by the pandemic.

Pink Sugar

Meet Grace